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Progress report August 2017

Schools project.

This project is virtually complete with just a few loose ends to tie up. Very soon, you will be able to start looking for the geocaches on Anita Daimond and Jwls Williams have done a fantastic job with great commitment and enthusiasm. Over 350 children from 15 schools have been involved – our target was 100 children from 5 schools. A success, don`t you think?

Community memory project.

The community memory project is also nearing completion and Sian Shakespear is putting together the interpretative boards and memory clips for the website and app. Again, this has been a very successful project with many more people involved than our target.

As before, we are considering a permanent home for one set of the boards, and any suggestions will be considered.


Website and app

Menter Fachwen has completed the downloadable route guides and   Creativity Jones has put them on the website.  There is still work to be done to the site and to complete the app.

Signs and roundels

Posts and roundels can now be seen in various places along the Trail.  However, it will take a while before all the signs are in place. Above, Aled and Andy Walsh are seen making the hole for one of the posts.

Unfortunately, one of our volunteers from Cofio Cwmorthin broke his ankle while out placing signs so we need to take on his work.  We wish Mel a speedy recovery.

All the metal footpath signs have been distributed to the various councils for them to put them up.  However, at the last minute, we have been advised by Welsh Government that we need a Road Safety Audit for each brown sign location. There are 135 of these signs so formal audits would be very costly, and this activity has not been included in the budget. Discussions are ongoing with Welsh Government as the argument can be made that as the route will be marked away from the highway, and as the route will be available onthe website and app, to omit the brown signs on the highway will cause frustration and confusion, which itself will be a potential safety issue.  Watch this space.   



Just a reminder of the event in Neuadd Ogwen, Bethesda on 10 November.

The afternoon seminar will include:

Me to give the background of the project                                                                           

Anita Daimond to present the schools project                                                                 

Sian Shakespear to present the community memory project                                      

Snowdonia Society to celebrate their 50 years                                                                  

Llanllechid School play about the Great Penrhyn Strike                                                                                 

GAT to give demonstration of the Archwilio online heritage database, concentrating on Bethesda                    

Ramblers to give themselves a plug                                                                                      


This will be in Welsh and Menter Iaith, Llanrwst will provide translation services

The evening concert will include Penrhyn Male Voice Choir, Deiniolen Silver Band and Penmachno Community Choir and will be compered by Neville Hughes, a member of Hogia Llandegai.


The future

We are working with the publisher, Rucksack Readers to provide a guidebook of the Snowdonia Slate Trail. Hopefully, this will be available next Spring.  In the meantime, a number of individuals and camera clubs are involved in taking hi resolution photographs to illustrate the guide.

We are also trying to raise funds to create an off-road route to avoid the short length of A5 near Conwy Falls.

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